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Who We Are?

Tribologik® Laboratories provide lubricant, fuel, coolant, and grease testing services to monitor the condition of industrial, mining and transport equipment in the U.S.A., Canada, and Latin America. We comply with the highest quality standards in the industry. Our laboratories are managed by professional chemists (Ph.D.). All our tests are ISO/IEC 17025:2017 certified and performed by teams of qualified lab technicians. We scrupulously apply the most recent ASTM fuel, oil, coolant, and grease testing methods. Our membership to the ASTM D02 Committee on Petroleum Products, Liquid Fuels, and Lubricants keeps us on the leading edge of new standards and procedures. Since 1984, we have been investing massively and continuously in R&D to improve our expertise.


To provide world class laboratory services to optimize productivity and efficiency, reduce downtime, improve safety, and minimize pollutant emissions into the environment.


To grow internationally as a leader among fuel, oil, coolant and grease analysis laboratories in Canada, the U.S.A., and the world.


Innovation, reliability, integrity, R&D, scientific progress. Tribologik® takes oil and fuel testing to the highest level of technology.

The Tribologik® automated laboratory management software

The Tribologik® automated laboratory management software is the result of our continuous R&D program. Its high level of automation (from sample reception, to testing, reporting, invoicing, etc.) allows generating fluid analysis reports automatically with greater efficiency, accuracy, and reliability. Its core architecture is a unique combination of the Tribologik® extensive database on fluids and equipment, the Tribologik® rule based Expert system, and the Tribologik® intelligent maintenance dashboard, which allows customers to monitor and manage their global maintenance program at a glance.

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About us

Tribologik Corporation and Predictive Maintenance Corporation laboratories have been operating under the same management and expertise for over 35 years.

1212, 172nd Street, Hammond, IN USA 46324
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Lima, Calle Domingo Casanova 337 - Lince Lima 14, Peru
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