For Peace of Mind on the Road

Tribologik® Laboratories provide the full range of automotive gasoline tests to assess quality and compliance with the North American regulations and standards.

Our technicians meticulously apply all ASTM standards on gasoline, including Research Octane Number (D2699), Motor Octane Number (D2700), Distillation (D86), Anti-Knock Index (D4814), Vapour Pressure (D5191), etc.

When leaving the refinery, the fuel is clean. Transferring it to wagons, trucks, and storage tanks will expose it to contamination. Bad weather, dirty hoses, damaged caps, seals and gaskets, insufficient handling precautions are so many routes taken by contaminants to make their way to your fuel tank. Gasoline is also vulnerable to hot weather condensation and wintertime ice crystal formation.

Given these conditions, you should consider testing your gasoline after each delivery.

Fuel polishers and tank cleaners should also consider fuel testing to detect water, fungi, bacteria, and sediments at the bottom of the tank.

At all times, testing your gasoline before using or selling it is a low-cost proof of compliance with Government laws and regulation.

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Tribologik Corporation and Predictive Maintenance Corporation laboratories have been operating under the same management and expertise for over 35 years.

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