Compliance with ASTM D1655

The Tribologik® Jet Fuel quality testing program complies with the ASTM Standard Specification for Aviation Turbine Fuel, D1655.

Our Jet Fuel Testing services also include individual tests such as:

  • Fuel Contamination Testing to detect water, microbiological, rust, dirt, and other fuel contaminants.
  • FSII (Fuel System Icing Inhibitor): FSSI is a pure ethylene (or diethylene) glycol mono methyl ether additive. It lowers the freezing point of water to prevent ice build-up. The formation of ice crystals during take off and landing through humid air is likely to block filters and fuel lines and interrupt the fuel flow to the engine. This jet fuel test assesses the purity of the additive to ensure maximum performance.
  • Freezing point: Jet A fuel freezes at -40 °C; Jet A-1 at -47 °C. The freezing point must always be lower than the minimum operational tank temperature. This fuel test determines the temperature below which solid hydrocarbon crystals may form in aviation turbine fuels.

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