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Licenses available worldwide

The Tribologik® automated laboratory management software is offered under license to oil and fuel analysis laboratories worldwide. While keeping full ownership and control of their premises, licensed Tribologik® laboratories are granted access and use of the full Tribologik® technology, which includes :

  • The Tribologik® extensive lubricant, fuel, coolant, and equipment database.
  • The Tribologik® oil analysis expert system.
  • The Tribologik® automated oil analysis laboratory management system.
  • The Tribologik® laboratory quality assurance system generating consistent test results among licensees.
  • Connection of your laboratory instruments to Tribologik® servers for expert system test processing.
  • Customized Tribologik® lubricant and fuel analysis reports including machine condition, lubricant condition, raw data, trends, graphics, maintenance recommendations and the logic behind them.
  • Your name and logo on the header and footer of your reports.
  • Tribologik®'s continuous updating of its rule-based expert system.
  • All the benefits of Tribologik®'s continuous R&D program.
  • The Tribologik® registered trademark and brand name.
  • Mutual marketing synergies between the head office and the network of licensees, e.g.: reaching local branches of multinational companies.
  • Mobile application.
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The high rate of automation of Tribologik® allows licensees to manage a higher testing volume, provide an exceptionally reliable customer service, and generate a higher ROI.

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Tribologik Corporation and Predictive Maintenance Corporation laboratories have been operating under the same management and expertise for over 35 years.

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