Why risk a failure?

Water is the No 1 enemy of hydraulic oil. It contributes to the acidity of the lubricant, depletes the additives and is a primary cause of equipment corrosion and rust.

Water + rust chips + dirt + gas + other contaminants are early warning signs of severe lubricant and equipment breakdown.

Why then risk a failure? A regular oil analysis program can confirm these warning signs, keeping your dump, bucket, boom or landing gear in a safe and efficient operating mood?

Pump Oil

Pumps are used in all types of applications and operations: industrial, chemical, aircraft, locomotives, drilling, public utilities, etc. Their function is to feed master machinery such as turbines.

They often operate in critical and hostile environments, where they are exposed to all types of solid contaminants, air and water.

Contaminated and oxidated pump oil can contaminate downstream equipment, hence the importance to test pump lubricants on a regular basis.

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