Sampling Supplies

Tubing Image Description Plastic tubing, 100 feet - 30 m.
Plastic bottle Image Description Regular plastic bottle with shipping container
Presureless Valve Mount System Image Description Includes XB Series valve already installed. Allows for operating pressure of 600 psi. Requires the system to be shutdown during installation
Disposable Probe Tube Cap Image Description A probe for oil sampling from a valve
Plastic bottle with disposable probe Image Description Plastic bottle + sampling probe
Vampire pump Image Description Insert tube through the top hole and screw sample bottle into place. The vacuum pump allows taking multiple samples.
XB Series (M16x2 Minimess) Testport Image Description Allows pressurized sampling and pressure testing capabilities. Popular for industrial applications and high pressure hydraulics.
XBT Series Sampling Tube (low viscosity oil) Image Description XBT
Thread on probe Image Description Use this probe to sample XB and XBT Series valves vacuum to approx 500 psi. For XB Series valves installed on high pressure systems, use the XVHBF probe.
High Pressure Sample Probe Assembly Image Description Use for high pressure XB Series sampling. The Probe has a 10" crimped micro hose and vent cap for safety purposes.
XB Series Pressure Gauge Holder Image Description 1/4" NPT Female connection allows a 1/4" NPT pressure gauge to be threaded in, and directly connected on to the XB Series valve.
XAD kit with XBT sampling tube Image Description XBT Series sampling tube, swivel port adapter and Liquid Level Gauge.
XK Series Probe Sampling Valve Image Description XK Series Probe Sampling Valve. Standard for mobile earth moving equipment. Needs an *SVP* disposable probe assembly, or a *KPB4* reuseable brass probe to take the sample.
Reusable Probe with 90° Barb Spout Image Description XKR
High Pressure Thread-on Probe Image Description Safely sample at high pressure.
XL Series High Flow Sampling Valve Image Description Recommended for high viscosity oil, sample pressure range- Vacuum to 150 psi. Max operating pressure 300 psi.
XLT Series High Flow Sampling Tube Image Description Rigid Shown. Also available with Swivel Adapter for bent tube installations in tight locations.
XLE Series (L Series High Flow Valve Embedded Inside a Plug) Image Description Popular for mining equipment planetary drives (i.e. where a normal plug bushing adapter might stick out to far and be subject to shear forces). XLE valves are custom option for plug sizes larger than 3/4" NPT.
XSLF4 Sample Probe Adapter Image Description Threads on to XL, XLT, and XLE Series valves to take the sample. A recent improvement is sharper knurling on the full surface area for easier grip with oily fingers
XAD kit with XLT sampling tube Image Description Includes XLT Series sampling tube, swivel port adapter, liquid level gauge w/ vent kit and quick disconnect coupling
Push Button Sampling Valve Image Description Push button Sampling Valve (sample range 5 to 750 psi.. i.e. engines, transmissions, hydraulics, compressors). No extra materials are needed to sample. Not ideal for high viscosity gear oils.
Pressurized Valve Mount System Image Description Includes XB Series valve already installed. Allows for operating pressure of 600 psi. Can be installed live (hot tap) without having to shutdown.
XBEL plastic bottle Image Description XBEL Bellow plastic bottle with 1 ft. tubing.

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