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Oil, fuel, coolant and grease analysis

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At Tribologik Laboratories, we provide fluid testing and fuel analysis services to accommodate your equipment testing needs. In addition to fuel analysis and testing, we’ll test lubricant, coolant, grease, and other fluids, resulting in a detailed and comprehensive report on the condition of your equipment.

Our qualified lab technicians and chemists are knowledgeable and equipped to apply the most current fuel and fluid testing methods for transportation, mining, and industrial equipment across a multitude of industries.

Industry Leading Fuel and Fluid Testing Analysis

We look forward to working with your business to provide satisfactory fuel and fluid analysis services while producing quality results with our world-class laboratory practices. Our industry-leading services are conducted in a closely monitored and controlled manner so that we may increase productivity and efficiency, reduce downtime, improve safety and eliminate risks, and reduce environmentally detrimental emissions.

Our fuel analysis process results in a detailed report to ensure the fuel that powers your equipment is up to legal and safety standards while warning of any potential hazards. Such testing is also useful for identifying the root cause of any engine or motor performance issues. We test a variety of fuel types, including diesel, gasoline, jet fuel, marine fuel, and other fuels that keep your equipment running.

Oil testing and analysis processes conducted with high-tech equipment produce accurate reports of contaminant findings. Such findings, or lack thereof, can determine whether an oil flush and replacement is necessary to prevent catastrophic failure in the future. We’ll test samples of motor vehicle or aerospace engine oil, gearbox or transmission oil, HVAC cooling oil, hydraulic pump oil, turbine oil, and transformer oil.

Our team will also test and analyze coolant and grease. Coolant testing will determine the fluid’s capacity to offer antifreeze properties and prevent engine failure. Grease testing identifies any contaminants and any impairments in its ability to flow through equipment and protect metal surfaces.

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